Question Again The Government’s Commitment to Eradicating Corruption in Indonesia

In recent years, the level of corruption has risen drastically and this makes me wonder what kind of commitment the government should receive special attention and commitment to carry it out by the government to eradicate this heinous crime? Hundreds of trillions disappeared, the perpetrator lived freely and enjoyed the wealth he stole from thousands of people in this country. Shameless and immoral people continued to increase. Are they so worthless as humans of integrity?

Indonesia has formed a special anti-corruption agency that was established in 2003, has many articles that ensnare state money thieves, has the best system of proof that is more complex and comprehensive than Hong Kong and Singapore. So why hasn’t corruption diminished one bit? That is a question I was asked a while ago and I am now going to answer that question.

The main factor that brought Hong Kong to success was that before corruption spread to all sectors of public life, the Hong Kong government made a very persistent, well-planned, effective, efficient and comprehensive effort by the Hong Kong government, meaning that when symptoms of corruption began to appear in the Hong Kong Police, the Hong Kong Governor immediately made the idea of ​​forming a commission eradicating corruption and succeed. then imitated by other countries, in contrast to Indonesia when corruption was rampant in all levels of society then formed the Corruption Eradication Commission.

“There are a thousand excuses for failure, but never a single good excuse.” -Mark Twain

It’s not about how bad the problem is and then just giving up as if there’s no hope. When things get really tough, it takes “just” to work harder. With clear commitments and goals. I know that there are still many powerful people who still have integrity and have a hand in initiating this change. I, even representing an entire generation, agree with a stronger and more resilient commitment to rampant corruption. Please don’t pity them, please punish them as hard as you can. The death penalty in the Corruption Eradication Law is always eagerly awaited. However, the death penalty was still too good for them. Let’s make it like this, names and images of state officials on display to the public on their faces and integrity. Then poor their possessions. Never do they enjoy private facilities, so they always use public facilities so they feel embarrassed. Write down on each KTP, health insurance, everything related to public facilities, which indicates that they are state corruptors. Sometimes, societal psychological and social punishment works more cruelly and effectively than just the death penalty. The point is, impoverish them and shame them for the rest of their life.

We can also combine it with China’s strategy to eradicate corruption which has proven to be quite effective. educating the nation’s children to hate corruptors through online games, where corrupt officials can be killed with weapons, black magic, or tortured. through films, through structured YouTube videos, instill that a corruptor must be eliminated and it is very, very embarrassing if we become one of them. Another thing that is no less important is the dissemination of news and information regarding anti-corruption education through social media. In this era of social media, this should be done to educate the younger generation in efforts to eradicate corruption in this country. This is not an easy thing of course, but there is nothing more valuable than making this country even better in the future.

I searched a lot for information about the reverse proof system and it turns out that Indonesia is more than I thought. But if our system is already good outside Hong Kong, why is our corruption index not a little better than Hong Kong? I don’t really understand why that happened, but I still want to provide input. Seeing from the disgusting culture (corruption) that has been rampant, is the government willing and able to work harder so that every government employee, monitored by their lifestyle, whoever shows the results of suspicious wealth, applies it with a reverse proof system.

However, I know that gratification, the big case that happens, is more complex. Is the country willing to invest a lot of money so that we have more sophisticated systems, human resources and technology to solve this very big case? They are very organized, powerful and sophisticated. Is the government willing to commit that much?


Honesty and a handle made of steel, are indispensable for forming the next generation that is honest and clean. The government is again asked to prove its commitment to Corruption Eradication in Indonesia. As Indonesians, we are ready to provide constructive criticism for every decision and carry out our obligation to comply with every decision for sustainable development towards a better Indonesia. For all the good things that are being fought for, stay energized and never give up. Thank you.



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Rania Arifatul Millah

Rania Arifatul Millah

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